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My completely uninformed Oscar Picks

Tomorrow is the Oscars, and I am looking forward to watching.  I watch every year even though I probably only go to the movies 5 times a year.  That might change now that I live in Austin, because the Alamo Drafthouse is only the greatest movie theater in the history of the world.

Still, this past year I didn’t see too many movies.  Of the movies nominated for Best Picture, I have only seen The King’s Speech, and Inception. I think the average person hasn’t seen every single movie that was nominated, yet they watch the Oscars and root for their favorites anyway.

That’s why  I don’t feel too badly about making my Oscar picks, even though I am woefully uninformed and have no real knowledge of filmmaking.  After all, people root for teams in the Super Bowl without having ever played football, right?  This is the Super Bowl of acting!  GO TEAM!

This year, I am Team Colin Firth.  I love him and think that anyone who says they don’t love him is lying.  So there!

At least I’m not as emotionally invested as I  was in 2004, when Return of the King was nominated.  I remember that they won a ton of awards, and every time they did, I was crying and screaming and jumping up and down.  God, what a mental case.

And now, without further ado, here are my picks for the big Oscar categories this year, and my unfounded reasons for choosing them:

Best Picture: The King’s Speech

Why I picked it:  Because I love anything with Brits, and especially Royals, and even more especially Colin Firth.  Geoffrey Rush was also quite droll.  I also really love period dramas.  I would watch this movie again and again.

Best Actor: Colin Firth

Why I picked him:  He was Mr. Darcy.  I mean, he wasn’t just Mr. Darcy in P&P, he was Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary.  No one can resist Mr. Darcy.

Best Actress: Annette Benning

Why I picked her: She’s likely to give a funny speech, plus they always show Warren Beatty looking all pussy-whipped in his old age. I didn’t see the movie she is in but I liked her in other movies, so she probably deserves it. Plus, for some reason Natalie Portman just annoys me with her smug “I went to Harvard and now a ballet dancer knocked me up with his twinkletoes sperm”. Don’t you love my logic?

Best Director: David Fincher for The Social Network

Why I picked him: Well, I just have a feeling this movie will win. I love me some Aaron Sorkin, but I hate the idea of making a Facebook movie. Zuckerburg is a giant douche and I really have no interest in seeing a movie about him. This movie will probably win a ton of awards and knock out Team Colin Firth and piss me off. I was super pissed when Trent Reznor won Best Soundtrack at the Golden Globes. JOHNNY MARR AND INCEPTION FOREVER. HDU TRENT! I know that all of my friends were jizzing in their pants over Trent winning and wearing a tux, but I was seething. I just wanted to put this rant in here so that you guys know that whenever Social Network wins anything, I will be stewing in my own juices. I’m also really fucking pissed off that Christopher Nolan was snubbed. Inception was the most original, innovative and talked-about movie of 2010, and it isn’t going to win SHIT.

If you’re interested in seeing me rant in real-time, you can follow my twitter on Sunday night because I’ll be livetweeting the Oscars. Follow me at @mekkalekkah


Another pop culture blog? No, this is Inflammatory Remarks!

I know, I know…who needs another blog about pop culture, media and general nerdery? Eh well, one more won’t hurt, right?

I am known to my friends as someone who speaks her mind.  I am the type of person who either really likes something or really hates it.  Even if I really hate something, that doesn’t mean I won’t waste my time consuming it.  (Case in point – I read all four of the “Twilight” books just so that I could argue intelligently with those who love them.  And yes, I know the word “intelligently” is not applicable in this scenario.)

I’ve been online since 1994, and I have had many opportunities to stick my foot in my mouth.  In fact, I am rather good at making people wish they had never met me, and very good at creating enemies.  How does this happen?  Why, I just state my opinion!  Didn’t you know that if you hold an opinion that is different from you friend’s, you are allowed to cite Godwin’s Law and flounce?

Here’s a few of the opinions that have led to bannings/enemies for life:

– NaNoWriMo is an exercise in futility

– “Twilight” is a poorly written crapfest

– Steven Page is a better singer than Ed Robertson (of Barenaked Ladies)

– Elijah Wood is a douchebag hipster

– Sarah Palin makes inflammatory remarks (see what I did there?)

Now, you may agree or disagree with me but I think you’ll be interested in what I have to say.

I’ll give you a teeny bit of background about me so you know where I’m coming from.  I grew up in Phoenix, AZ.  Since I was not an outdoorsy type of kid, I spent my childhood and teen years as a shut-in, either reading books, watching TV or listening to music.

My biggest pop culture influences are:

– Barry Manilow (DON’T JUDGE ME!  He writes the motherfucking songs, dammit!)

– Duran Duran (I am actually writing a book about my adventures as a Duran Duran fan and hanger-on)

– Pioneer porn such as Little House on the Prairie and the Betsy-Tacy books

– Disneyland

– The Kids in the Hall (esp. Dave Foley)

– Lord of the Rings (and an unhealthy obsession with Elijah Wood that led to ruination in my life)

And of course, The Beatles.  If you say you weren’t influenced by The Beatles, you are a liar.  Even if you hate them, it influenced you in some way.

I hope you’ll join me on my adventures!  I will post about what I like, what I hate, what I’m doing.  My new hometown is Austin, Texas, and there is a lot going on here.

Oh and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love parentheticals.  DEAL WITH IT.