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Inspired to write again

I know I’ve been away for a while, but something happened that made me want to write again.  Last week, Austin lost @atxhipsters.  He was walking home, and was struck and killed by a drunk driver.


I never knew Kelly in real life, but I interacted with him a lot on twitter.  When I first moved to Austin in 2010, I relied on @atxhipsters for information about what was happening in Austin.  If I had spare tickets to a show, Kelly would help me pass them on.  We would share snark about SXSW and other Austin events.  When I saw NIN tape their episode of ACL, I remember reading Kelly’s excited tweets because he was also there, and it made me appreciate the show even more.


I’m going to miss his humor and his enthusiasm so much.  His twitter account still posts because he had created scripts that aggregated Austin blogs and websites, but when I see his tweets, it makes me sad.


I don’t want to make it sound like we were pals, but I read his posts every day and so he was a part of my everyday life.  I’m very sad that he is no longer around.


I do think it’s strange that now that he’s gone, we all found out his name, saw his photo, and learned where he worked and lived.  The most fun part of @atxhipsters was trying to guess who was the man behind the curtain.  At first, I thought it was a team of people, but over time, I realized it was just one guy and some scripts.  He wasn’t even a hipster, really.  He just made fun of the scene, and made the scene fun.  He never posted selfies, and he rarely revealed anything personal about himself.  Austin needs more people like that (and I know I’m guilty of it too).


I’m going to start writing for this blog again.  I’ve been busy doing lots of fun things I can write about, plus I still have lots of 80’s memories to share with you.


Thanks for reading this.  I hope you will continue to follow my adventures.