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The April Fools’ Day Controversy

I dread April Fools’ Day every year.  As previously mentioned, I have a tendency to get paranoid and think people are against me.  I’m also extremely cynical and think that people are lying to me most of the time, or at least lying to themselves.  Therefore, the day in which all my suspicions are confirmed is April 1st.  I WAS RIGHT!  EVERYONE LIES!

Having stated this opinion on Twitter and gotten some strong reactions, I thought I might expand on the thought.  (Also, it helps to have more than 140 characters to get your point across.) 

I don’t mind the pranks pulled by websites such as Google, You Tube, etc.  (Even WordPress got in on the act by giving bloggers an inflated sense of visitors for the day.)  The reason I don’t mind these pranks is that I am not emotionally invested in these companies.  You can’t be friends with a website or corporation. 

This is why I hate it when my friends post their jokes on April 1st.  Because I actually care about these people, I have an inclination to beleive them for  at least a few seconds before I  remember the date. Here are the categories of “jokes” that people post on April 1st:

1.  Medical – “Oh my God, I think I’m pregnant!”  or  “I was in a car accident!”  or “I have cancer!” 

2. Occupational – “I just got fired!”  or  “Looks like I’m going to get my dream job!”

3. Fear-based – I know someone who told a friend that their favorite store burned down.  If someone told me my favorite store burned down, I would probably freak out.  Another one in this category is the “death prank”, or telling someone their favorite celebrity just died.  Twitter does this year-round, not just on April 1st.  (RIP Jackie Chan?)

4. Food-based – If you put something nasty in my food and make me sick, my revenge will be enacted with precision and cunning.  If someone makes me puke on April Fools’ Day, IT IS ON.

Am I gullible?  When  it comes to my friends, yes, I am pretty gullible.  However, underneath that lurks a fear that someone I love will betray me.  April 1st brings that fear into the light for close examination.  I do not enjoy that feeling.

How do you feel about April Fools’ Day pranks?  Am I alone in this?