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Scissor Sisters at Stubb’s

From Pooneh Ghana's flickr stream - click to check out the amazing photos there!

At Coachella in 2006,  I had to make a decision every day as to which band I was going to see, because it seemed as if all the bands I liked played at the same time.  I was trying to choose between Scissor Sisters and Art Brut.  I had (still have) a huge crush on Eddie Argos, so I chose the Bruts.

As my friends and I left the tent where Art Brut had played, we saw a stage lit up like Las Vegas.  There was a FERRIS WHEEL on the stage.  It looked like a neon carnival had come to town.  We realized that this was the Scissor Sisters show.  It was at that moment I knew I had made a huge mistake.

Ever since then, I have been waiting to see the Scissor Sisters in concert.  Now that I live in Austin, I finally had a chance!  The tickets were only $25, and the show sold out completely.  Other bands should keep a sensible price point in mind if they want to sell out.  I think in this economy it is the smart thing to do.

I expected nothing less than a Bacchanal, as promised by Ian McKellen’s voiceover during Invisible Light.  Scissor Sisters served up a heaping helping of pleather, studs, abs, thighs, and red lipstick.  They gave me everything I wanted and more.

The set list was a good mix of old and new songs.  No ballads – we were there to dance!  I don’t think anyone left disappointed.  I am sorry but I couldn’t find  a set list for you this time (and during the show I was having too much fun to write it down).  I know that they played every song I wanted to hear except Return to Oz, which would have been a huge downer anyway.  They did do a stripped-down acoustic version of Sex and Violence, which was beautiful in a strange way.  It doesn’t come across that way on the album.

For me, the star of the show was Jake Shears’ body.  Holy hell, that man is CUT.  Every single person in the audience, man or woman, would have given Jake Shears a blowjob that night.  No doubt about it.  I kept hoping he’d take off more and more clothes.  He did flash us so that was good enough.  And yeah, I know that Jake Shears is a) gay and b) monogamous with his boyfriend but it doesn’t hurt to look!  

The best song of the night was Invisible Light.  That song just transports it to a whole new level.  Everyone was dancing, jumping, punching the air, screaming along, and living in their own little bubble of joy.  Then, after Ian McKellen’s voiceover, Jake came out in a glow-in-the-dark devil costume, and Ana Matronic floated on stage looking like a magical silver cloud.

See it to believe it.  Do not miss this band when they come to your town.

Since I didn’t find any good clips from the show I attended, here’s a live version of Invisible Light featuring Sir Ian himself: