Rocky Horror Dreamcast

Thank you to @thetorontokid ( for this hilarious mockup of a Rocky Horror recast!

The other day, I was entertaining myself by wasting time on Twitter, as usual, when I came up with a (brilliant?) idea. Halloween is fast approaching, and I was wishing for a Rocky Horror tribute or recast, starring my favorite actors.

Just think about these guys strutting around in their scanties:

Benedict Cumberbatch as Frank N Furter – with that voice, those legs, and that ass, there is no doubt in my mind who would be perfect for the sweet transvestite.  And we know he’s willing to dress in drag:

Tom Hiddleston as Brad Majors – Some people wanted Tom to play Frank, but I think he’s perfect as Brad.  He’s so smiley and somewhat dorky, it would be great.  Also, just think about him in those tighty whities…and then in the fishnets at the end.  I think he would look super cute in glasses…you know I’m right.

Martin Freeman as Riff Raff – Look, we all know that Martin is a pent-up ball of rage and frustration at all times of the day and night.  He could portray the seething butler, Riff Raff, to perfection.  I also would love nothing more than to see him give the angry speech at the end…”YOU DIDN’T LIKE ME! YOU NEVER LIKED ME!”

Chris Hemsworth  as Rocky Horror – I really can’t think of anyone with a better physique than Chris Hemsworth.  He’s right out of a Charles Atlas ad, am I right?  I bet he could ride a feather boa like nobody’s business.  He wouldn’t have any lines, though….not that I would care…

I haven’t cast everyone, because I’d like to hear your suggestions.  Who would you cast in this version of Rocky Horror?  And would you donate to a kickstarter to get this made?  (just kidding…I think)


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