Hey, remember me?

I used to blog under the name Inflammatory Remarks, but I’m feeling a lot nicer now, so I have changed my blog name.  It’s now known as Mullets I Have Loved.  I also have a tumblr at mulletsihaveloved.tumblr.com, if you want to check that out.

I’ve been writing this book about my experiences as a Duran Duran fan.  I got stuck and didn’t write in it for a long time, so I think if I post about it here, I will eventually get into the habit of writing and I might actually finish the damn thing.

I will post up some chapters I have already written, along with any other funny things that happened in the 1980’s.  I also plan to upload some photos of memorabilia.

I’ll also post about anything else I feel could be interesting.  It seems like the 1980’s topic was the most popular topic in my old blog, so it will mostly have that focus.  But I do like new things so you never know, I might post about something else.

I hope I won’t disappear again!  Keep me motivated, readers.



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