Mullets I have loved vol 4 – Paul King

Damn you, videos that disable embedding!  I shake my fist at you!

Most Americans have forgotten (or even worse, never heard of) Paul King.  For a brief moment in time during 1985, he really was the King.  The video for Love and Pride was on heavy rotation on MTV (oh wow, I have really missed the phrase “heavy rotation”).

Looking back, it seems ridiculous doesn’t it?  The cropped pants, the spray painted Doc Martens, the mullet.  Not just a mullet – a mullet with a PONYTAIL.  What an atrocity!  What a fashion crime!  What fun!

I actually love the album Steps in Time.  It’s one of my favorite albums from the 80’s, and I still have it on vinyl.  Of course, I also have it on mp3 so that I can instantly enjoy it whenever I like.  If you like 80’s new wave pop, then you will also enjoy this album.  It’s just some good old blue-eyed soul with an 80’s twist.  Give it a listen at the above link where you can sample the songs.

Most people dismiss this band as a one-hit-wonder, but as usual I disagree.  My favorite song of theirs is Won’t You Hold My Hand Now.  I taped the video off of my TV set back in the day and spent hours memorizing his silly miming.  I would link the video here but it’s rather embarrassing to watch now. (Even the breakdancing children in Love and Pride are less embarrassing to watch.)  You can find it on You Tube if you are curious.

King recorded one more album, which I will admit that I have never listened to.  Then Paul King went off to be a solo act, and failed miserably.  He was a VJ on MTV Europe in the 90’s, and now is a producer at VH1 UK.  I saw a recent picture of him and he is practically bald.  OH THE HUMANITY!  I refuse to link a picture of him as he is now.

Let’s remember him in his glory, shall we?  Oh, heavy sigh, I heart Paul King.


5 thoughts on “Mullets I have loved vol 4 – Paul King

  1. Sarah

    I used to see the video for “Love and Pride” on VH1 Classic and thought it was a catchy song, but I had forgotten about it until now! I should investigate King further.

  2. Threnners


    I may have made bad fan art of him at one point. :/

  3. Denise

    I loved Paul King’s look and thought he was downright dreamy and mysterious with his dance moves and great soulful voice! I too, have googled his present day pic and was sorely disappointed. I lived in small town, East Texas and we went occassionally to a larger town that had a Hastings and me and my sisters bought cassettes by what the cover art looked like, the weirder the better, the crazier the band name, the more we begged our mother to buy it! I love the blog and have turned my sisters onto it! You, my friend, are a kindred spirit, indeed! Love and Rockets!


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