Netflix Instant Pick vol. 4 – The Tick

I’m one of those people who never saw The Tick when it was on the air.  I have always meant to catch up on it “one of these days”.  Well, thanks to Netflix, that day has finally come!  Now that I’ve been watching it, I totally understand all of those people who have been lamenting its early cancellation.  If you don’t have Netflix, you can also watch it on You Tube (full episodes available through Crackle).

The Tick is a charming, campy and kid-friendly romp in the world of superheroes.  Recent movies such as Kick-ass and Super have explored the world of ordinary people who put on strange costumes and fight crimes without superpowers, but The Tick was first.

Patrick Warburton (whom you may know as Puddy from Seinfeld, or as that pilot who explains the Soarin’ Over California ride at Disneyland), is The Tick.  He wears a bright blue body armor costume with cute little antennae that move around, reflecting his mood.  The antennae are my favorite thing about this show.  The Tick does seem to have some extraordinary abilities (although lacking in the brains department), but his superhero pals are just ordinary people. 

His friends are Arthur (The Moth), a former accountant who quit his job to fight crime, Captain Liberty, a hot chick who works for the US government, and Batmanuel, a Latin lover in a bat costume.  Batmanuel is played by Nestor Carbonell, who Lost fans will know as the immortal Richard Alpert. 

This is a lost treasure, and anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy it.  Patrick Warburton is following in Leslie Nielsen’s footsteps, because he is able to say the most ridiculous lines in the most serious tone ever. 

Here’s a little minisode so you can see what I am talking about.  It also features the fabulous Dave Foley:


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