Kristen Stewart confirmed to desecrate the part of Snow White

Okay, you guys already know that I despise Twilight.  Not only the books, but the movies, of which I have seen one.  I almost walked out of it when Kristen Stewart spent five minutes Googling vampires.   In retrospect, I should have walked out then and there because the entire movie was a waste of my time, and I was only watching for the lulz, of which there were few.

Kristen Stewart is unable to portray any emotions other than angsty teenager.  Even in real life, she constantly wears a dour, sullen expression on her face.  She has the emotional depth of a Q-Tip. And this talentless, incapable actress is given the part of Snow White? I mean, I totally understand why…she is enormously popular with that desirable youth demographic. I suppose she’d make a fantastic Snow White, if Snow White was an emotionless, soulless robot.

I’m sorry, but I will not be watching these movies. If it had any other actress besides her, I’d be very excited to see them. I also know that my opinion matters not a bit to either advertisers or the world at large. Still, it’s my opinion and I am going to spout it here.

Snow White has been my favorite fairy tale since I was a child, and of course, she’s my favorite Disney Princess. I really am a huge Disney fan, and she was the only dark-haired princess for years and years. I suppose purists could argue that Disney also destroyed the true legend of Snow White by sanitizing the story, but it’s all nostalgia for me so I love it anyway.

Basically, what this post boils down to is: I AM DISPLEASED.


2 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart confirmed to desecrate the part of Snow White

  1. Josselyn

    NONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Snow White is my FAVORITE Disney princess of all time!! I LOVE HER!!!!

    I will refuse to watch that movie. I shall be an ostrich and bury my head and ignore the fact the movie is even taking place. That is the only way I can cope with this.


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