The “like” of shame

When I’m at work, I listen to Pandora radio a lot because we can’t have iTunes on our PCs.  Over the past few years, I have honed my Pandora station to play the perfect selection of tunes.  I hardly ever skip anything.

But sometimes…Pandora knows you better than you know yourself.   Sometimes…a song pops up and you find yourself really enjoying it.  When you realize who is singing it, a wave of self-loathing washes over you.  The eternal debate begins…to click “like”, or not to click “like”?

I’m pretty generous with my thumbs up on Pandora.  I just like everything.  And without really thinking, I liked a song today that put shame upon generations of my people.

The evidence is below:

Granted, I’m sure that a lot of you will make fun of more than one song on this list.  For some reason, I don’t really care if people know that I sincerely enjoy Barry Manilow,  Rick Astley, Clay Aiken, Toto, and all sorts of other really cheesy crap.

Katy Perry is one of the few artists that makes me feel ashamed to be alive.

1.  She can’t sing for shit without auto tune.

2.  She turned Russell Brand into a charmless douchetard.

3.  She is friends with Kara DioGuardi (former American Idol judge who I hate with the power of a million suns going supernova for all eternity.)

So why do I always end up liking her songs when I hear them?  I will even sing along if no one is around.

I wish I could answer this question.  I’m sure it is due to some deep-seated childhood trauma.

What I want to know is, what are YOUR “likes of shame”?


7 thoughts on “The “like” of shame

  1. thethousandbookproject Post author

    I hate everything about Katy Perry but I do like Teenage Dream. I just like the bit where she says “let you put your hands on me/in my skintight jeans/be your teenage dream tonight.”

    also I find myself not as virulently anti-ke$ha as I once was. Also she gets in to a fight with James Van Der Beek and unicorns in her latest video.

    1. mekkalekkah Post author

      Hmmmm I really haven’t even given ke$ha a chance. If you like her there’s a pretty good chance I would like her as well….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      1. mekkalekkah Post author

        That is a fun song! I can see myself listening to ke$ha the way I listen to certain BEP and Fergie songs…

        It will remain OUR SECRET – well you and I and anyone who reads this comment.

  2. Josselyn

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Ugh, they play that damn song every two minutes at the ice rink. That and Firework, which one of my students picked for her recital music. Oh, and let’s not forget California Girls, which I have heard probably about 5 million times. No exaggeration. Shame, Michele, shame. Except….we all have songs or artists that we like and are ashamed of lol, so I’m hardly the one to talk. I am a newcomer to Pandora but I’ve got it on my phone and listen to it when I drive. I have a Cyndi Lauper station which is my main station so it’s been honed over time to play all sorts of songs I like. Which is weird because I like really diverse songs and something will come up and I’ll just think OMG HOW DOES PANDORA KNOW I LIKE THAT?!? lol

    1. mekkalekkah Post author

      Well, if I heard the songs as often as you do, I would totally hate them too. But I’ve only heard them a few times, probably less than 10 times, so I still think they are fun.

      Pandora seems to know me really well, too! It’s kinda scary! I mean, they pick out my very favorite track from a not very popular artist that I didn’t request, you know? It shocks me when that happens.


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