How Fringe can avoid Lost’s mistakes

Do you know what I’m really sick of?  I’m sick of sci-fi shows becoming focused on relationships (ships) instead of on the sci-fi.  Everyone who complains about the ending of Lost is really complaining that it turned into a soap opera.  Now the same thing seems to be happening with Fringe.

I was one of those people who watched Lost from the very beginning.  It was even BEFORE the beginning, because I saw the pilot at Comic Con 2004 and filled out a questionnaire before it even aired.  I watched faithfully every week.  I planned vacations around it, and I never missed a single week.  (Well, okay, I didn’t watch the Bai Ling episode about Jack’s tattoos…)  I wrote notes while I watched it and really tried hard to solve the mysteries.

Remember when Faraday realized that Desmond was his constant?  SO POWERFUL.

As the years went by, fans on the internet were more interested in debating the ships than the sci-fi mystery elements.  Jaters (Jack + Kate), Skaters (Sawyer + Kate) , Jackets (Jack + Juliet), and on and on and on.  Although it really did turn out that “Jate is Fate”, I was purely in the camp of Jack + Tears, or Jears.  Jears FOREVER. (Jears ™ Ack Attack…her website is down right now so I can’t link to it)

The writers focused on the ships at the series finale, and made sure to resolve every single soap opera plot that was going on.  All of our OTPs were addressed, and on an emotional level, the finale really delivered.

I mean, who could watch Charlie and Clare’s reunion and not choke up a little bit?

However, those viewers who weren’t really interested in the ships and soap opera elements were extremely upset and disappointed that most of the mysteries were left unsolved.  In retrospect, they were red herrings strewn along the path and were meant to entertain us.  I really don’t mind that they went unanswered, because now I can just say that all of my theories were correct.

We have now arrived at a similar crossroads on my Lost replacement show, Fringe. If you don’t watch the show, I will be dropping some big-ass spoilers here so don’t read anymore if you are thinking of watching it sometime in the future.


Okay, I think we got rid of all the spoilerphobes now…

Watch this clip and see why I am really pissed off at my favorite sci-fi show:

So what the shit is going on in Fringe you guys?  It’s become all about Peter/Olivia/Fauxlivia.  What happened to the crazy experiments that Walter and William Bell did?  Remember when Massive Dynamic was an evil corporation that caused all of the weirdness in the world?  Remember when Peter and Olivia would smile and joke with each other?


So of course Fauxlivia is pregnant.  It’s the most obvious thing that would happen, and will cause more angst and crying and bullshit that I am not interested in.

What I am interested in is seeing what the machine does, what the Observers real purpose is, and finding out what Walter had hidden in the parts of his brain that were cut out.

What I am not interested in is seeing Peter and the girls doing a catty love triangle.  As my friend H. said, the fate of the universe now rests on Peter’s dick.

I know that Fringe is having problems with ratings after the move to Friday night.  Do they really think that making the show into a shipfest will solve the ratings issue?  They will be losing loyal viewers with this bullshit move.

I, for one, will continue watching.  I’m just transferring my Lost Stockholm Syndrome over to the other JJ Abrams vehicle.  Oh, JJ, when will I ever learn?


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