Welcome to the Netflix Instant pick!

If you’re the type of person who likes to stay at home on the weekend, like me, then right about now is the time where you’re trying to decide what movie to watch.  One of the regular features here will be a Netflix Instant recommendation.

This week’s pick is Suck.  Which doesn’t!

Yes, it’s another vampire movie, but it’s NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT!!  This is because it actually has a plot, characters that you will actually like, and vampires who don’t sparkle!  Because VAMPIRES DO NOT FUCKING SPARKLE, GODDAMIT.  You know who sparkles?  Glitter kids at an Ecstasy rave (if that is still a thing)!

The movie is about a band that will do anything to find success.  Their bass player is bitten by a vampire and suddenly they are on the road to fame.  You might recognize the bass player because she and her overbite are also appearing on Mad Men as Megan, the future ex-Mrs. Don Draper.  She’s perfectly cast as a vampire since there’s no escaping those choppers.

Who else is in this movie, you may be wondering.  Well, let me just drop some names such as Malcolm Fucking McDowell as Eddie Van Helsing, Dave Foley as the band manager, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Henry Rollins, Moby, Alex Lifeson ETC. ETC.!  Yes, Alex Lifeson from Rush is in this movie, which proves to you that this movie was made in Canada, eh?

What I really liked about this movie is that it didn’t take itself too seriously.  It’s campy, but not too campy.  There are a lot of visual jokes that you will see if you watch carefully.  I particularly enjoyed the Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA tribute.

There is a lot of music in the movie too, and it’s actually good.  I am going to try and find the soundtrack.  I think that the soundtrack could be on the level of The Lost Boys soundtrack.

I’m not sure how this movie escaped my attention until today, it’s pretty sad that it got overlooked somehow.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Netflix Instant pick!

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  2. Ryan

    So based on your suggestion, I watched this movie 2 nights ago. It was cheesy but in a fun way. It was fun to see Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper. Though I say Iggy’s best movie role was in Cry Baby lol.

    The way they spliced in old footage of Malcolm McDowell, who I adore in everything he does (no matter how bad) was brilliant. It was cool they were allowed to take scenes from one of his lesser known films and splice it with the newly filmed scenes with that singer chick. I mean they could have just taken shots of him from all his old movies to build the scene, (which could have been awesome since it would be so obvious and awful!) but the way they did it worked well.

    The main character was kinda too whiney for me, the guy with the accent was kind of pointless, but it is what it is, a fun, campy, cheesy rock n roll horror movie, I use the term “horror” begrudgingly and very loosely. it may have been more of a comedy? who knows. it was fun and it didn’t put me to sleep.

  3. Ryan

    How did I forget to mention Dave Foley and Henry Rollins!?

    I loved seeing Henry Rollins in a bad mullet being just as un-Henry Rollins as he could be.

    1. mekkalekkah Post author

      I’m so glad you watched it and enjoyed it! I agree that the main guy was lacking in charisma. The weird part is he wrote and directed the movie! So maybe he’s just not cut out to be an actor. I think with a different lead this movie might have been more popular.

      I thought the old footage of Malcolm was well done, I liked it because it was a great surprise for me. Malcolm can do no wrong in anything. He is THE MAN.

      Oh, and yeah, I wouldn’t call this a horror movie either…I think it’s more of a dark comedy.


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